Joey L - Soddy-Daisy, TN

"We just finished our house and needed to grab a spare mattress for the guest room. The plush zbox queen mattress seemed like as good a choice as any and reasonably priced. We ordered it and it arrived at the front door in just a few days. I unboxed it, tossed it on the bed, and cut the plastic away. It amazingly swelled right up to size. I laid on it a second and thought it is just fine for guests. A week later I went in the room and laid down to watch a show. I quickly realized this mattress is fantastic. It forms to your body and is supportive in all the right spots. Within days we ordered two more for our kids. As soon as I find a way to unload our $2400 pillow-top mattress we just bought, that doesn't even come close to the comfort of this mattress, I will be ordering one for the master as well. In the mean time I keep "accidentally" fallen asleep in the guest room."


Heidi R. - Hudson, NC

"We received our Z Cloud Select pillows last week for our master bedroom. A quality product that are very comfortable! We look forward to purchasing one of their mattresses when it is time to replace our current one."


Brent L. - Burlington, NC

"Hard to believe that a mattress that comes to the door in a box could have the same feel as a leading mattress brand's $5,000 mattress. The 12" plush has just that feel!!!! Not that my wife needs help staying in bed, but it's even harder to get her out now."


Alex J. - Hickory, NC

"Upgrading to a 12" Z Box Plush King was a GREAT decision. It's consistently the best sleep I've ever had and continues to be an incredible value. The best part was not having to step foot in a store to find it!"


April Y. - Hershey, PA

"Mattress shopping can be such a hassle, but my experience with Z Box Mattress has been nothing but wonderful! Great service and awesome product. Definitely highly recommended!!!"


Kate N. - Ridgeway, PA

"The comfort of this mattress far exceeded my expectations! Nights of endless tossing and turning have come to an end! The service and convenience of ordering was excellent!"


Niles C. - Bluefield, WV

"I've had many mattresses for 40 years finally heres one that fits most people comfort needs. Not too soft, not too firm. Feels just right. Great job !"